Jai Shri Ram!

New Year Ramblings 2015

I had neglected by blog for sometime now, lots has happened since my last post about setting up raspberry pi. I had a great vacation in Laddakh. After which I transferred to Audible Inc in Newark, New Jersey and the first few months have been great.  I saw my first snow here, spent some time withe Kids at the Ann St. School for the hour of code. Went around ‘New York’ or ‘The City’ as people call it here.

I got engaged last year and this is the year when I’m getting married, some of my friends tell me that it’s too early whereas the parents think this is the right time, I’m with my parents on this one.

New years resolutions this time are getting fit, seeing a remote part of the world and moving forward in my career and maybe penning down my thoughts more often. Last year was tremendous, this one has the promise of all that and so much more. Hope you guys had a great year last time around, even if not have a great one this time around.

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