Jai Shri Ram!

Oh My ZSH!

I spend a lot of time in front of the terminal and have been using bash ever since I can remember, it’s a fine shell indeed but as I discovered recently, there is a better alternative available. I came across a github project that extends zsh and adds to it, tonnes of features including themes, plugins and configurations

I had customized my bash by the means of the PS1 environment variable and set up some aliases to make the output of the commands like ls colored. Oh my zsh does all of this and more. A common mistake that I make is getting the case of some command wrong bash blows up in my face but this automatically corrects this for me. It also fixes minor spelling mistakes that I occasionally.

All in all this makes working with the terminal a lot more fun. I’d recommend it to beginners as well as seasoned users, there’s a bit in it for everyone. It will make the terminal a lot less intimidating for a newbie and be a productivity boost for others. In the end you’ll be left saying Oh my zhs!

Checkout the screenshot of my terminal showcasing some of its abilities

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