Jai Shri Ram!

The Lost Dan Brown

I had been a huge fan of Dan Brown, his initial few novels sold like wildfire and I was hooked to them. All of them were pageturners The da vinci code, Digital fortress and Angels and demons were all magnificent. Sadly and inevitably the master of conspiracy theories has finally run out of fuel to keep that fire burning.

Recently I read the Lost Symbol and it was a pain to labour through and the story more or less tells us that masons are grown ups who like dressing up and play wierd games. In general when I come across a poor book I just ignore it but this one was so pathetic that I must take time out and warn my fellow readers on the net to not commit the mistake that I made.

I think this is a manifestation of greed of the publishers, In Dan Brown they had a goose that laid golden eggs, they’ve fucked it so bad that now all you get is shit.

Of late I did read a few excellent books that one can definitely read, Laila Lamani’s The lost sun, Anita Desai’s The village by the sea or Fathima Bhutto’s Songs of blood and war would be a far better utilization of time for someone picking up a new book to read.

If you have any suggestions on what I should read( I’ll definitely read it if available in NITT’s Library), then drop in a line.

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